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We are divorce lawyers and family law attorneys located in downtown historic Vancouver Washington.  We are dedicated to helping our clients with all family law matters.  If you are looking for a divorce attorney, custody lawyer, or an estate planning attorney, our team is here to assist.  Please schedule a consultation to discuss next steps by calling us today.

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Family Law Attorneys In Clark County

Our practice is located in Vancouver near the Clark County Courthouse.  We have chosen this location because our goal is to be a family law firm that assists people throughout all of Clark County at a practical location.  

We felt that, as practice divorce attorneys in Vancouver, we wanted our office located close to the courthouse to save our client’s time and money with regard to traveling to court and filing documents.  As family law attorneys in Vancouver, we have access to court literally across the street.  

We offer in person and telephone meetings as necessary and zoom calls to facilitate remote access to our office and staff.  We have designed our family law office to physically be located in Vancouver, yet remain accessible to people throughout all of Clark County.