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Ryan P. Hamilton
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Ryan P. Hamilton

Why I Practice Family Law

I chose to be a family law attorney because the first time I saw how much happier someone could be at the end of a divorce, I knew I was doing the right thing. It changed my entire perspective on what divorce actually means for someone. It means a new direction, a new hope, a new life. It means being able to find happiness again.

Most people can’t see a path to a new beginning. When I sit down with someone, I do everything possible to help them see that path. I help people see that although a divorce can feel overwhelming and scary, they can make a better choice to feel empowered and find peace of mind. I enjoy helping people make the best decisions possible to improve their lives. My job is to help them walk that better path.

Your first step to a better life starts with a consultation at our office. The promise I make to anyone that comes to Vancouver Family Law, is that we will take the time to understand and empathize with where you are in life. When we understand where you are, we will help you create a plan on how to move forward and make your life better. We will guide you step by step to a better place, so that you can worry less and have more peace of mind.

About Me

I am married and have two children. I graduated from Lewis & Clark Law School in 2008 and clerked for an attorney who practiced family law in Vancouver Washington.  I spent all of my time early in my career helping people with divorces and custody cases.  I spend most of my time now at Vancouver Family Law helping people in consultations, building relationships within the community and keeping our team upbeat and strong.