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Divorce and custody doesn't have to feel scary. Meet with a family law attorney in Vancouver that will help you find peace of mind and create a plan for your children, financial security and better future.

Family Law Attorneys With A Plan For Your Future

We are divorce lawyers and custody attorneys who create divorce and custody plans that give our clients security and peace of mind for their future. Our clients don’t have to worry about making that one wrong decision, because we help them make all the right ones with two simple steps:

Schedule a Confidential consultation

We will meet with you at our office and show you how to move forward in your divorce or custody case. We do this by understanding exactly where you are and where you want to be. This consultation allows us to create a plan on how to make your life better and find long-term security for your children, finances and future. Everything we discuss remains confidential.

Move Forward and Get Results

When you are ready to move forward, we carry out the plan, steer you around danger, and guide you step-by-step through your divorce or custody case to the best results possible. We help you make the right decisions so that you can spend less time worrying and more time focused on your life and children.

Experience A Better Future After Divorce

Watch one client’s journey at our sister family law firm in Oregon:  Moving from a place of fear and anxiety to a place of empowerment and happiness.

The Vancouver Family Law Team

Ryan P. Hamilton

Ryan P. Hamilton
Family Law Attorney

I chose to be a divorce lawyer and custody attorney because the first time I saw how much happier someone could be at the end of a divorce, I knew I was doing the right thing. It changed my entire perspective on what divorce actually means for someone. It means a new direction, a new path, a new life. It means being able to find happiness again.

Megan K. Paull
Family Law Attorney

Being a family law attorney always felt like the right path for me. I have always had an ability to connect with people and understand their perspective. This has been a great strength in helping people through divorce and custody disputes. As a Washington divorce lawyer, I do everything I can to make sure people make the best decisions for their family and future.

Conor Buie
Family Law Attorney

I always try my hardest to find ways to relate to clients on a personal level, having experienced family law issues in my own life. I believe that an empathetic approach allows me to better understand how difficult a family law case can be for all involved parties.  It also allows me to see the positive outcomes that are possible.  I provide counsel and assistance in cases involving divorce, child custody, child support, relocation actions, protection orders, and minor guardianships.

Dan Strausbaugh, Oregon Family Law Attorney

Daniel Strausbaugh
Family Law Attorney
Oregon Counsel

I have a passion for helping people through difficult situations. Divorces and custody disagreements can feel overwhelming and confusing for people going through them, which is why I do everything possible to help people find the solutions they need and give them peace of mind. It’s very rewarding to give people a better future.

Taylor Harris
Legal Assistant

I love being part of real solutions for all of the people we help. With the right guidance, I have seen people lift themselves up and find happiness at the end of difficult divorces and custody disputes. I think we are more than just divorce lawyers and custody attorneys. I know that the guidance we offer works, because I have seen it work time and time again.  


Alejandra Guerrero
Legal Assistant

Elyse Bickell

Elyse Bickell
Director of Client Relations

I am drawn to family law because I can see how it truly helps people navigate an uncertain path and find their way to the happiness they have been in search of. Through compassion and empathy, it is my goal to help guide and support our clients through this challenging time. It is very rewarding to be a part of someone’s journey towards a better future.


Sierra Shick
Rebekah Osowick
Legal Receptionists

As the firm’s legal receptionists, we know how important it is to make sure all of our client’s have a peaceful and compassionate experience when calling our office. I feel very fortunate to be there to help our client’s find a path to a better future.

Family Law Practice Areas

We Help With All Washington Family Law Matters

Vancouver Washington Divorce


Many of the results of a divorce are permanent and you need to handle this right the first time. We are divorce attorneys that combine the process of understanding, planning and guidance to help you make the right decisions with every part of the divorce process.

Vancouver Custody Attorney


We are both parents and experienced custody lawyers and we know how important your children are. We protect your parenting and custody rights by taking the time to understand your specific needs, and then creating a custody and parenting plan that outlines those needs.

Other F


There are times when custody, parenting plans, and child and spousal support agreements no longer work and need to be changed. Modification is all about changing the terms of your last Judgment of divorce or custody to something that makes more sense in the present.

Other Family Law

Other Family Law

We help people with all areas of family law, not just divorce and custody disputes including restraining orders, prenuptial agreements and wills, trusts and estate planning.

Reviews And Awards

Client Testimonials

"I had the good pleasure to work with Ryan as a colleague and refer my clients in need of family law services to him for over five years. I continue to be impressed with his ability to assist his clients through knowledge of the law and achieve great results for them."
David Blair Attorney
David Blair
"Megan was great! She helped me get through a really tough time. I had false allegations made about me and she showed that not only were they untrue, but the individual making the allegations was unreasaonble, not credible, and vindictive. I highly recommend her."
Outline of a Man
Former Client
"I have hired Ryan and his team multiple times over the last seven years to address difficult divorce and custody issues. With his help and professionalism we prevailed each time. I highly recommend him and his team.
Outline of a Man
Former Client

Our Vancouver Family Law Office

Vancouver Family Law Office

Vancouver Family Law
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Vancouver Family Law is nestled at the center of downtown Vancouver, Washington, and helps people throughout the Vancouver metropolitan area and Clark County.  Family law is more to us than just helping people through difficult divorces and custody disputes. Being part of Vancouver means that we have connections and friendships with people who live here. We don’t stop helping people after the divorce is over – and are always here as a support system for our clients.