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What can we do for you?

- We protect your business and business assets, personal assets and your fair share of family income and property on marriage breakdown

- We protect your parental rights: to be with your child or children and to make decisions that are in their best interests

- Vancouver Family Law can assist clients in obtaining alimony or spousal support or defend against applications for alimony or spousal support. We also collect debt payments and assess and litigate trusts.

- We can draft legally binding family law agreements in Canada. 

- We also address adult incompetence, power of attorney, committee and guardianship issues.

- In addition to provincial disputes, we deal with interprovincial and international family problems. We will assess, prevent or litigate problems with geographical and legal jurisdiction and more....

Vancouver family lawyer, Kathleen Walker, takes the time to listen to you, help you identify your legal objectives and then help you achieve those objectives efficiently and effectively. Divorce and separation present special emotional, social and financial challenges and we are not afraid to speak up for you.  We know and care about your child's rights.  Vancouver Family Law has successfully helped others through difficult situations like yours. We tailor legal services to you, your family, your children, your budget and your problem.  

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